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Use dockerized DB for local development

· Tomasz Lewiński

Working with local backend have many advantages, response time are fast, you can work offline and no one is messing with your data.

While usually it’s a good idea to write docker-compose.yml file containing all infrastructure needed, sometimes I just need some database right now.

Of course installing each kind of database is a hussle (and they have different versions as well!). So lets’s just use docker image to quickly spin up DB and remove it when it won’t be needed anymore.

So let’s not make it longer then it have to be:


docker run -d \
 -p 5455:5432 \
 -e "POSTGRES_DB=database" \
 -e "POSTGRES_USER=postgres" \
 -e "POSTGRES_PASSWORD=postgrespwd" \
 --name custom-db-name postgres:latest

We are mapping default port 5432 to 5455 to avoid port conflits with other existing databases.


docker run -d \
 -p 3315:3306 \
 -e "MARIADB_DATABASE=database" \
 -e "MARIADB_USER=mariadb" \
 -e "MARIADB_PASSWORD=mariadbpw" \
 -e "MARIADB_ROOT_PASSWORD=mariadbroot" \
 --name custom-db-name mariadb:latest

Similart to previous example we map port 3306 to 3315.